Saturday, February 4, 2012

February: a new home!

We are officially in the new house.

The move felt like it took a long time, but there was remarkably little griping. Almost all of the boxes have been unpacked. Things are still all over the place because we haven't finished figuring out where everything belongs. I want everything to have its own designated space that makes sense for its use. This takes time. When the house and all of the objects that must be ordered out of chaos are threatening my sanity, I step outside into our backyard.

Today it was sunny and I walked around barefoot so I could feel the grass (my feet have been so delighted recently because they also get to feel the bass line of whatever music I'm listening to now that I don't have to worry about bothering downstairs neighbors).

It's a quiet neighborhood. Our next-door neighbor, Dean, introduced himself and said that many of the houses on this cul-de-sac are occupied by people who have been around a long time, 20 years or more. He told us the house had been empty for 6 or 7 months before we got here. We've noticed a lot of things in the house that need fixing. Engineer Gorilla wants to get right on that.

Toby's schedule is changing for the month of February. He's going on second shift, which means working from about 2PM to 11PM.

I'm practicing with the salsa performance team in Fremont for 2.5 hours every Sunday. The workouts are great and I can tell that my upper back and shoulders are already getting stronger.

The next few weeks promise to be exciting, what with all the house-warming we have to do. Pictures and posts to follow. MWAH!
I'm imagining a hammock between those trees.