Friday, September 23, 2011

Mt. Rainier National Park

The Misty Mountains. I think some people might have been disappointed by the weather, but we were undeterred. I imagined this is what it would be like to live in a comic strip with a white background all the time.


It was the Chief's brilliant idea to go. We left early and stopped at Charlie's in Enum Claw for brunch. Full of oatmeal, pancakes, steak, potatoes and gravy, we set off for a hike.

Behind you -- COUGAR!

Is that a grizzly or a black bear?

Os portugueses chegaram ao lago no fundo da montanha.

We went to the top of Sunrise, hung out by the fire in the visitor's center for a bit, and took a picture of Mt. Rainier.
It's right there!
Yeah, you couldn't see the mountain that day, but the air smelled so nice that nobody cared.

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