Friday, February 18, 2011


So, the flights went as well as could be expected. I made it to Manchester just a little bit late, big line, but managed to get on. My bags even managed to follow me to WA. Can't believe I've been on the move for 22 hours or so.

Driving up from SeaTac, I was shocked by the beauty of Seattle proper. Reminded me so much of San Francisco, with amazing views of the bay (and container cranes) and gigantic cloud-shrouded snowy peaks right over the water. Everything here is alive, no snow on the green grass. Bit overcast, 50 degrees. Had window down the whole way up to Everett.

The rental company gave me a Dodge Avenger for a "mid-size car." It's vulgar, chintzy american trash.

Everett itself reminds me a lot of the parts of L.A. I visited. Countless mexican restaurants and food trucks. Lots of vietnamese food too. Going to have to do that tomorrow.

Plan for tomorrow is get up way early, catch hotel breakfast around 6am and get my ass to Pike Place Market, check that out. I'd also like to do some intervals at the fitness center. I'm really looking forward to seeing the far side of 200lbs again, I've gotten unconscionably fat in the wake of completing the degree and the laziness that's followed. No moar, dammit, no moar.

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