Tuesday, March 1, 2011

cosi e cosi

  1. All my stuff has arrived, the neighbor's have left their wifi open.
  2. My car has failed emissions, which prevents it from being registered in WA.
Apparently they fail you for OBD codes, which was unexpected and unfortunate. My car is apparently throwing four codes, two of which were listed on the inspection report.

One code is related to a valve on the intake side of the engine. Looking into it, it's a design flaw where carbon buildup causes the valve to either get jammed or fail. It was a warranty extension, probably could have gotten it fixed for free ten years ago if the letter had gotten to my folks. Oh well, it's a job I can do myself, I've found the service bulletin. They have you drill out the port in the intake manifold and clean everything out, replace the valve.

The other code has to do with the catalytic converter. Either it's bad or the O2 sensor is. Again, I could replace either given tools and a place to work (problematic).

If you have proof that you've spent $150 somewhere trying to fix it, they let your register.

This presents a dilemma: I swore I'd never pay another man to fix something I could fix myself. I drew the line at transmission problems, which Rick Novia told me would literally drive me insane. I absolutely have to get this registration issue resolved by Sunday, when the missus arrives.

Ergo, I'll pay some guy to address the catalytic converter issue before Sunday, get it registered, then start picking up the tools I'll need to take the intake side of the engine apart.

Of course I'll take pictures when I do so, and pictures of the apartment once we get it set up.

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