Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rock Bottom restaurant

Side note, I swung by the Seattle location for Rock Bottom, had some fish and chips and a beer. Apparently each location of the franchise has their own master brewer, which explains the beer that came with my meal. I recall the Boston Rock Bottom as having unremarkable beer, and I only got to try one at this one, but:

Flying Salmon Stout
Our creamy Stout uses unique whey from a local artisan creamery. The lactose contained in the whey is a non-fermentable sugar which adds residual sweetness to this roasty brew. Great on its own or with one of our desserts.

It was the best stout I've had so far here (Pro Tip: it was the first), but it may remain there for a while. I've tasted milk stouts where the sweetness is overpowering and gross, but they really finessed this one nicely. Boldly malty but smooth enough that I could see putting away a growler of it.

I'm definitely going to have to try brewing beer with the whey leftover from cheese making. Usually you're just left with three gallons of green water and you toss it, but if beer with whey can taste this good, there's some experiments to be done in the future.

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