Saturday, March 19, 2011

Whidbey Island (So THIS is what the sun looks like)

So I had been dying to ride a ferry since I got here. I remember taking one from here or there as a kid, always seemed a nice way to travel. Fortunately, Seattle abounds with ferry options. Of course, there was also that scene from the horror movie "The Ring" which involved a bunch of horses jumping overboard (don't click this, Maeve, it's wicked creepy).

Anyway, I wanted some nature time, so we took a ferry to Whidbey island, which is about 1hr by ferry from Mukilteo (near where I work). Conveniently, the Mukilteo ferry port was closed for construction, so we could leave from Edmonds instead, which is about ten minutes down the road.

This is what would happen if Marissa and I stepped into the machine from The Fly: behold our fellow passenger, Tarissa

I was thrilled to finally see the sun and some pretty sights. Can't wait for summer. Will camp camp camp (probably alone, Marissa's outdoor tolerance seems low).

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