Friday, March 11, 2011

the tour

Of course it's been Marissa who has made this place look so much like home. I would be sleeping on a pile of dirty clothing and empty beer cans, lit only by a laptop screen otherwise.

It does have a view of the mountains, technically, be it fairly obstructed. The thing is they allow grilling on that patio (unlike many other places I looked at), and that's a deal-maker.

The CFL bulbs that came with the place are on the left. Bright and blue is fine for the kitchen, but I needed something with a lower color temp for the hall. Kitchen has a lot of counter space and two entrances.

Oh, and no stupid little breakfast nook. "Oh, look what we did! We punched out a hole under the cabinet in this tiny kitchen and put a laminate board on it! Now it's a breakfast spot!"

There's an Indian market across the street that we just checked out. Sells both black and green cardamom pods by the lb, no joke. Bulk grains, wide variety of other imports, reasonable prices. Anyway, point is they had "Old Monk 10000 Super Beer" as well. The band at the top says "Go for Monk." Careful though, it's "For Sale In U.S.A. Country Only"

Side note: I haven't used the heat at all outside of the bedroom, and the apartment has been at around 70degF.

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  1. House is looking damned respectable. My compliments to the interior decoratin' lady