Monday, March 7, 2011

The Missus Has Landed

Got the girl off the plane last night, then we got some dinner. It is of course good beyond belief to: A) see her, I've missed her terribly B) have some company. She had a sad last week, and I was afraid that she'd still be feeling down when she got here. I am a silly ape. Of course we were both ecstatic to see each other.

Surprising fact: there is a huge Ethiopean community here, and if the place we went to last night (Gojo in Shoreline) is any indication, a lot of good food is in my future. I ordered a yebeg wot (lamb with berbere), some collard green dish, and some kitfo (raw beef). The owner and cook was surprised enough to hear two white people order this that we ended up having a long conversation. She apparently gets all the spices shipped to her by her mother from Ethiopia, so in some way we're being good little leftist worker bees and sending hard currency to the third world. Ha ha, just kidding, we're just eating good food. The injeera was darker and more sour than any I've had so far (with a three day fermentation, and a mix of tef and barley flour). Really exceptional meal, great price.

Marissa had her first cup of seattle coffee today, presented to her by the owner of the Brown's Coffee Company roasters and cafe.

The coffee of course, is awesome. That you could figure on. The surprise for me is that the coffee presentation is fantastic as well. They do little designs in the cream on top, I enjoy that a lot. You can see a little pine tree on top of Missy's coffee.

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