Friday, March 25, 2011

How Work Is Going

I'm on rotation working down in Auburn four days a week, ten hours a day for three more weeks. Auburn is an hour away.

A day in my life is therefore:

4am - Wake up, get ready
5am - Hit road
6am - Arrive at work
430pm - Leave for home
6pm - Get home and eat Marissa's dinner
8pm - Asleep

This is why I've only been updating on weekends.

Marissa's cooking is fabulous and coming home to hot dinner is amazing. She's been making a lot of soups, which I've enjoyed (recently a Portuguese kale one and a leek one). She also made me her chicken adobo style, which I also love.

While work itself is pretty boring and the schedule is brutal, I really like the guys I'm working for. A lot of great personalities, all over the company.

Post-script: I broke the fat streak today and Marissa and I joined the company gym. Her ID says Marissa Callahan.

Post-post-script: The wine out here (local stuff) is unbelievable. Apparently WA's specialty is german-style whites, rieselings and gewurztraminers. We're going to do some serious winery touring this season.

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